Small Business Social Media Tips: Building Twitter Followers from SBDC Fort Lauderdale

The online equivalent of the tree falling in the forest, often the most debated aspect of small business social media marketing; if I’m not getting any responses, how can I be sure that my online presence is known? Twitter has many content theories, but here are a few that you can implement immediately.

1. Know Your Audience

Make use of services such as FollowerWonk ( that allow you to understand exactly who your twitter, social media, small business, brandingfollowers are, what they’re interested in, what content they’re sharing, and then study that type of content.

Determine if your current audience is the best target market for your small business. If not, you’ll need to refine your strategy to reach your target. To do so, search hashtags that directly relate to your industry/product, study the content that is successful, and replicate it in your own way. An example of a relative hashtag for a marketing firm would be #socialmediamarketing.

2. Jump-start Engagement

Utilize the power of positive story telling. Sharing positive, uplifting stories about your brand will help your followers build an emotional connection. Once an emotion connection is built, you have a follower for life.

Don’t be afraid to ask your followers for engagement in the form of retweeting one of your tweets, tweeting directly to your brand’s handle, or simply answering a question that you tweet out. One of the main laws of social media is “ask and you shall receive.” Followers are more likely to retweet a tweet that asks for it, than something that may relate to them, but doesn’t ask for engagement.

3. Develop Long Term Relationships

Treat your followers like your friends, and they will become just that. Thank them for their engagement, and reward them for it. You probably already know who your top contributors are, but have you acknowledged their efforts? Give them special treatment such as direct messaging them new discounts or insider information to ensure that they have your loyalty.

Put your followers in the spotlight. When a follower uses your hashtag or tags you in a tweet, retweet it on your account. The follower will be ecstatic, and you’ll be viewed as a quick-response brand.

Using these three tips will put your small business on the social media map in no time!