Small Business Success: Finding YOUR Customers by SBDC Fort Lauderdale

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It would be great if small business marketing was similar to a sports game; an announced beginning, a strategic outline that is unlikely to change, and a definitive end. However, marketing for small businesses is a long term, ever evolving process. Here are three tips for your small business success without breaking the bank:




  1. Market to YOUR Customers
    One of the most common misconceptions in startup marketing is that it’s best to reach all audiences through all channels at once. “The more, the merrier” doesn’t apply when it comes to marketing for a small business. Before you start your marketing, do some significant research on who your customers are and where to find them. Then, place your campaigns strategically to reach only those individuals. If you’re marketing to the whole planet and you are not seeing results, you may not ever find out why. On the flip side; if you’re marketing to your target customer and you’re not seeing results, you can make the necessary changes rapidly enough to stay competitive.
  2. Choose Your Channels Wisely
    There are so many digital channels to choose from today and social media channels are growing by the numbers. It’s easy to start posting, tweeting, pinning, posting videos on YouTube, and creating new LinkedIn groups all at once. Rather than wasting valuable time trying to juggle 8 different platforms, choose 2 or 3 that directly represent your brand in the most professional manner and hold the majority of your target customers. For example. You wouldn’t necessarily open a Twitter account for a product selling to government officials, but you would immediately open a LinkedIn account since it’s a very popular platform in that industry. Choosing wisely will save you time, money, and allow you to maintain control of your small business’ marketing.
  3. Keep Testing New Ideas
    When your brand needs an extra marketing boost, you’ll want to have a campaign that you know will be effective rather than gamble on the unknown. Consistent testing is imperative to build solid campaigns. Try some A/B testing by sending out two email blasts with separate headlines to a list of like-minded people. Review those reports to see which headline received the most opens, and then send that same headline out again along with a third unique headline to test. Practicing this type of testing a few times will yield positive results and an effective “go-to” campaign headline for when your business needs a boost. This practice can also be used with social media posting, digital advertising, and website content.