2 Small Business Sales Tips to Bring Up Your Bottom Line.

head-questionsSmall businesses are all about the bottom line so new sales are extremely important. If you find your sales lacking, you may ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong in my pitch?”

Here are two improvements you can make to your small business’ sales structure to turn those leads into conversions and bring up your bottom line:

Don’t try to sell to everyone.

Yes, you want to have as many new sales as possible, but if you take into the account the cost of a pitch, you’ll realize that you should only focus on the sales that are worth the effort. Not everyone will be right for your product and not every company will be right for your service so be picky.

Follow a strategy that includes analyzing historical sales data to know where are you sales are coming from to you can define your prospects, and have a clear understanding of who and what you are as a company. You want to make sales that lead to long-term partnerships and mutual benefits, so develop the discipline to focus on what works and say “no” when necessary.

Strengthen your story.

You can be liked, personable, fun to hang out with, but being respected based on your track record is of far greater value. People love to buy from a company (or a person) who has a strong story, something compelling that inspires them and makes them feel like their money is going to the right place.

Sales is more about you than it is about the person you’re selling to, so focus on building a solid you to create an environment of successful sales.