Let Your Customers Help You With Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

Social networkIf you have entered the marketing process with your business, chances are you have heard the term word-of-mouth marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing produces results when one client recommends you to another potential client because of a personal experience with your company. This form of marketing used to exist in a “Tell a friend!” fashion, but thanks to the internet, word-of-mouth marketing is easier than ever to achieve if you utilize the right tools.

Getting Recommendations

Ask. Yes, it’s pretty much that easy. Knowing when to ask and where to place recommendations is the slightly more difficult part. It’s easiest to ask a happy customer in a moment when they are pleased about a result your business has achieved for them, and nine times out of ten they will be glad to do it.

The happy moments are those few minutes when your customer has received your product or service and is in love with it. When you hear them say, “Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for,” you follow up with, “I am so glad to hear that we met your expectations! Thank you for your business. Would you mind taking two minutes to write a quick recommendation about us on Facebook? We are trying to expand and would really appreciate your voice on our social media page!” Make sure that the customer knows you’d like to hear from them personally and are not seeking mass recommendations from the general public.

One of the most popular forms of doing this is to give a certain percentage off of their service if they recommend you right then and there. If you have a brick and mortar space, consider having a tablet in the space to offer to clients so that they can check-in, post photos, and recommendations right there.

Where to Put Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

The best platforms for posting recommendations are Facebook, LinkedIn and Yelp because they will be stored on your business’ profile for eternity, and broadcasted to all of the recommender’s friends.

Third party rating sites are also beneficial to have your customer reviews on because potential customers know that you have no control over what people are saying about you on this site. Because you cannot choose to delete bad reviews and keep the good ones, the opinions are honest and unsolicited. Look around online for rating sites that apply to your industry, build up 5-10 reviews, and then send that link to your potential clients urging them to see what people are saying about your business.

When it comes to obtaining new clients, word-of-mouth marketing is crucial and social media is a powerful tool to help spread your good reputation. So, make sure your customer service skills are on point, your product is powerful, and start asking!